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The Art of Wardrobe ~ Fashion Show Attire

This weekend I got to attend Alternative Fashion Week FINAL Finale Show. The production is always amazing, as I attend almost every year. I’ve also showcased my designs in prior years collaborative finale show.


This year when it came to my outfit, I wanted to sort of match the cadence of the show. This is most definitely the scene and time to express your creative style and attitude!

Here is the rundown on the items I purchased to create my look.

Sweatshirt $9

Elastic Distressed Jeans $9

Fishnet stockings $3

Neon Green Lace Peep Toe $20

Glasses $3

Totaling= $90

Happy Styling! Leave us some feedback 🖤

@niagrain @artofwardrobe


Follow @alternativefashionmob for more images from the runway show

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