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The Art Of Wardrobe ~ Movie Premiere Attire Casual and Chic

Have you ever wondered what to wear to a movie screening? Me too 😂 I decided to keep it comfy and casual for my first time attending a movie premiere. However, I knew I would add an ensemble blazer to my look. Movie theaters can be a bit cold. I left the glitz and glam attire to the stars of the movie.

Everything I purchased was at a discounted price and/or from a consignment store.

Here is the rundown of the items totals for this look.

Distressed Denim Jeans- $9

Gangsta Doodles T-shirt- $14

Glasses- $5

Attention Military Inspired Blazer- $14

Puma Fierce Varsity Shoes $40


Happy Styling! Leave us some feedback


I was super excited to support Zajia Nadal for her debut in the movie “Bad Business”. Zajia’s role as “Starr” definitely shows her skills and versatility as a model/actress.



Film: Bad Business @badbusinessmovie

Writer & Director: Dom Campbell

Theater: Gateway Film Center

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