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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I purchased this swimsuit from an online boutique @laybelswimwear over a year ago and decided I’d style it as a day look.

LAYBEL Swim suit @laybelswimwear

As women, we search endlessly for the cutest swimsuit every year to only wear it a couple of times. Since I like to have fun with my clothes, I decided to transition my suit. I will get multiple wears and it’ll stay in my wardrobe year round.

@niagrain Bow-Hemian Pants

Swimsuit available at

Happy styling! leave us some feedback on how we styled this swimsuit and how you would style yours

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  • Writer's pictureniagrain

This weekend I got to attend Alternative Fashion Week FINAL Finale Show. The production is always amazing, as I attend almost every year. I’ve also showcased my designs in prior years collaborative finale show.


This year when it came to my outfit, I wanted to sort of match the cadence of the show. This is most definitely the scene and time to express your creative style and attitude!

Here is the rundown on the items I purchased to create my look.

Sweatshirt $9

Elastic Distressed Jeans $9

Fishnet stockings $3

Neon Green Lace Peep Toe $20

Glasses $3

Totaling= $90

Happy Styling! Leave us some feedback 🖤

@niagrain @artofwardrobe


Follow @alternativefashionmob for more images from the runway show

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Have you ever wondered what to wear to a movie screening? Me too 😂 I decided to keep it comfy and casual for my first time attending a movie premiere. However, I knew I would add an ensemble blazer to my look. Movie theaters can be a bit cold. I left the glitz and glam attire to the stars of the movie.

Everything I purchased was at a discounted price and/or from a consignment store.

Here is the rundown of the items totals for this look.

Distressed Denim Jeans- $9

Gangsta Doodles T-shirt- $14

Glasses- $5

Attention Military Inspired Blazer- $14

Puma Fierce Varsity Shoes $40


Happy Styling! Leave us some feedback


I was super excited to support Zajia Nadal for her debut in the movie “Bad Business”. Zajia’s role as “Starr” definitely shows her skills and versatility as a model/actress.



Film: Bad Business @badbusinessmovie

Writer & Director: Dom Campbell

Theater: Gateway Film Center

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